Thursday, May 8, 2008

so, I was going to write a bunch on my thoughts on church...

...and I have many. I was really eager to get it all written down and hopefully draw some discussion out of it, but I felt Dad was saying that now is not the right time.. so I'll wait on it.

The truth is, what the church is or isn't is not what I'm passionate about and maybe discussing it now would withdraw from the fact that I'm falling more and more in love with HIM. What I'm most passionate about, is having a real and deeper relationship with Abba-Dad.

I'm experiencing such a great sense of freedom and acceptance in God. It's still early days, but I've really found a peace and joy in the first few steps I've taken in having real relationship with Abba. And it's just getting better and better.

To be honest, it's all about relationship with DAD. It's not really about anything else. The rest will come. It will follow, but until we get this right, we're chasing after our dirty rags. Actually, what I meant to say.. is until we let DAD get this right in us, we'll just be chasing after our dirty rags.

This God journey is something that Dad takes us on. It's something that He starts and it's something that He brings to completion in Him. And so, if something I'm writing here draws your heart to HIM, then I'm achieving what my heart for this is. I strongly believe Dad is with each of us as we are all on this journey at different stages, and so if I can help facilitate that journey, then wow! that's what it's about!

What I've realised is - without Him IN my life, without DAD as an ongoing reality, without my life being truly and openly intertwined with His, anything I do, really is dirty rags. It really is a waste of time.

That doesn't mean I have to rush into this, going as fast as I can to get to the goal. Well maybe it does. But when that goal is a deeper relationship with DAD, that HE Himself is growing in my life through my availability to him - then the 'going as fast as I can' is only to get me to a place of being open and able to rest in Him and what He is doing at this time.

So, as I understand it as this: If Dad hasn't called me to something, the reason for being involved is fruitless. That is so incredibly freeing! By extension - if Dad has called me to something - as much as I can within where I am on this journey - I will be there!
What I mean by this - is I'm sure there will be times when I get this wrong - where I might miss something that Dad has called me to, or get involved in something that Dad hasn't called me to - but the truth is - Dad has the grace for that! The joy of being on the receiving end of a perfect expression of a Corinthians 13 love relationship, there is all the freedom within that to mess up, and ironically enough - it's that freedom to mess up totally that gives us the strength to carry on towards this goal of full relationship with Him - it's God's love that compels us -when we are weak - then we are strong.

to end with a cliche.. it's not about doing. it's about being.
it's about living this life connected to God and trusting Him to do the rest. He is faithful to complete what he has started in us.


Lindsay said...

Hi Cam. Just found your blog. It seems that my husband and I are at a very similar place as where you are. It is such an exciting place yet can be so tough too.! I have had some outside the box ideas that I had struggled with for several years but when I found the God Journey, LifeStreams, and The Shack it seems to pull so much together! I have found Father revealing so much to me yet I have been held back from sharing it with others (outside of my husband). In His time not mine. I have learned so much about my own fears, control issues, and desires to please others. Amazing how Father reveals this to us, yet in such a loving and mind blowing way! I wouldn't change it for anything! It is great to know that you are at a similar place in the Journey.

Cam said...

Hi Lindsay and welcome! :)

It's good to have someone on here that isn't a close friend - means I'll hopefully be making some new ones :)

This is such a difficult place on the one hand, but so very 'WOW' on the other. It's strange - I'm experiencing such freedom and acceptance and Life on the one hand, but feeling so unstable (almost like when you've been on a boat for a long time, and finally step onto dry land.. although the land is so much more stable, there's a few moments when it feels worse than being on the boat..) and a little lost, and a bit judged on the other.

All in all - I wouldn't trade this for all the religion in the world!!

I listened to Wayne's Transition series because my mom asked me to copy it for her, and it felt like everything just fell into place. It wasn't so much like hearing a new way of doing things as it felt like I was returning to something that had always been inside - as I'd been warring inside with how I felt the Bible portrayed God, and how religion did - but God used the Transition thing to put things right - and then I started listening to the godjourney (I started on the first one about 4months ago, and I just caught up!) and then the Shack - it's all opened my eyes and laid peace on my heart - and I've found the God I've been serving my whole life!

It really has been life changing. It feels as if I've come from desert wandering into the promised land!

I'm so glad you've stopped by, and I pray Dad continues to draw you to Him!

By the way- do you have a blog or something similar to this - where you're chatting about this journey? I've found it encouraging to see how Dad is taking His other children on this path too.

liberta said...

Hi Cam, I love this post.

"...there is all the freedom within that to mess up..."

With God we have complete freedom - also the freedom to make mistakes, and still be loved.

What a truly amazing, awesome, loving God.

Take care & good luck with your journey.